At what price do you plan to convert the ETH you've mined to USD?

asusrigasusrig Member Posts: 141
I've been mining now for 6 months and not yet converted anything to USD. Mining added about $500-600 to my energy bills per month. In the Winter the extra electrical cost was offset by lower gas costs because the furnace came on less than before due to the increased heat in the house.

Now in the Summer I have to start running AC to keep the house comfortable. I am already exhausting about 365 CFM out of the basement continuously which helps. Running the AC increases my total power consumption in the house to about 13 kwh! The energy bill could get close to $1000 per month. While I can cover this without issues I still am taking a big risk here and don't like to lose money - who does?

I planned on converting some ETH to USD at around $1500 but the market seems very volatile and it is having a hard time breaking past $800. So I am considering selling a few at $800 even though I know I will be pissed if ETH goes to 1500.

What do you guys think?


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