Introducing DAuth - A decentralized authentication for DApps


DAuth is a replacement to OAuth based authentication systems like “Login with Facebook”, “Sign in with Google”.


I was building a DApp, and realized there is no way for the user to deterministically say which ethereum address she owns without using MetaMask or other Web3 providers and are instantaneous.

Let us take the example of CryptoKitties. Though making any transaction like selling/buying should need MetaMask - just viewing my kitties should be possible on any device that may or may not have Web3, using a simple username password.


I created a simple protocol describing the exchange of messages, in a way similar to OAuth. This uses an authentication server that can be self hosted by the user. The identities and the authentication flow is determined by a smart contract.

All logins are instantaneous and free of transaction costs.

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I am relatively new to designing decentralized systems, I would love to hear your feedback on this :smile:

Looking forward to help the community.
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