Altcoin and mining

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Since I started buying Bitcoin for the whole three months, I bought 0.06 bitcoins from the price of the first 182 US dollars and bought 0.5 coins at the lowest price of 58 US dollars. In general, the cost price is about For $102, then buying an ore machine consumes 5 bitcoins, buys stocks and earns 5 bitcoins, buying at a very low price and selling it at a very high price makes my income good.

For newcomers who have not yet held coins, the decline in bitcoin prices is a better thing, which means that our entry cost becomes lower. It should be noted that after all, I am advocating that people buy Bitcoin instead of advocating making a dollar from Bitcoin. The criterion for measuring the success of an investment is the increase in Bitcoin, and it is important to figure this out.

Now I will talk about the understanding of coins mining, and by the way talk about several Altcoin (CAN, AMS, MAY), because Altcoin's main work is also the adjustment of the mining model.


CanYaCoin is a blockchain service platform abroad. It is the best service market supported by the blockchain in the world. Its global market is 2tn dollars and its users are 200 million. CanYaCoin was created in 2015. In 2016, it published a functional app. CanYaCoin keeps an active timetable to build a completely dispersed ecological system. 

1.CanYa ecological system
CanYa ecological system is supported by CanYaCoins. Use CanYaCoins to pay the service fee and use high-level application function and win rewards. 
2.Encrypted currency
An only, untrusted and automated payment system supports all kinds of various encrypted currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethernet, Dash, and Monero. 
3.Digital Wallet
You can add the credit card to pay the service fee or directly return money back to your account. You will experience the power of encrypted power. 
Dispersed payment, dispersed management, dispersed storage and final dispersed calculation. CanYaCoin is decentralized.

CanYaCoin price
CanYaCoin price to USD reached the highest of 5.37 USD on Jan 10th, 2018. After that time, the price began to fall in a large range.


This AMS is wonderful. The only problem is that it was invented too late. The mainstream domain name distribution system has been developed to be sufficiently substantial and popular that it is difficult to detach and there is no particular reason to use a set of extra systems. So no one has asked for a domain name in the domain name currency so far. I have also registered two domains, philo.bit and 510.bit. Recent client updates have greatly facilitated domain name registration and may attract some new registrations. However, this set of domain name systems is still unable to see the prospect of popularity. Unless AMS is exposed to unimaginable scandals, people will still trust its services.

3.Theresa May Coin(MAY)

Theresa May Coin (short for MAY) is a P2P and open-source cryptocurrency. And transactions can take place between users directly without the middleman.
Theresa May Coin price
The price of MAY to USD was originally quite volatile at the beginning of its release. On Jan 05, 2018, the Theresa May Coin to USD hit the historical high of $0.040342. And then the price fluctuation was quite large on the decline.
This has several advantages. First of all, the cost of a 51% attack is even higher. Not only does it have to account for more than half of the computing power of the entire network, but it also has to occupy more than half of the amount of money. With time, this will become increasingly difficult to achieve. Second, with the increase in total holdings of coins, the profits of the competition will decrease. Therefore, in the long run, the "arms race" for digging the mining industry will not continue indefinitely. Therefore, maintaining the MAY currency network will be very energy-efficient. Thirdly, an annual interest rate of around 1% means that the total amount of MAY coins does not have a fixed ceiling, but it will not be arbitrarily abused by a central agency. Inflation is trace and predictable (in fact, gold is also about 1 per year.) % increase, but basically we still see it as deflation.

To use Bitcoin to measure profits, first of all, it will break the misunderstanding of the “mining machine”. The first thing many people invest in Bitcoin is not to collect bitcoins, but to buy ore machine, which makes me very anxious. In any case, if you are interested in Bitcoin by my ignorance, then I must tell you responsibly: Do not buy miners now. Most of the miners in the market are not worth buying, and you don’t need to listen to the offer to know that you must not buy it. Whether it is spot or futures – because there are too many people to raise prices, blackmail merchants can’t sell you at great price, with good intentions, unless they are miners bought through personal relationships, or like me, for fun and practice. And for the purpose of showing off, buy a small USB miner.
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