FairPonzi - transparent, nonfee and opensource pyramide gambling SmartContract

fairponzifairponzi Member Posts: 1

What we offer:
o 100% open source
- Website(html/javascript) + SmartContract(solidity)
o 100% fair and easy gambling
- EVERY people has EXACT the same information!

What we don't have:
o No control of your funds
o No preinvest
o No downtime
- website is standalone - You can run it on your home pc
- contract runs on Ethereum
o No tracking
o No ads
o No fee

How it works?
o Like every pyramide system:
- First come, First served
- Find the best all-out point

o Get 0.5% daily reward of your current balance
o With a 0 ETH transaction you redeem a payout
- You can payout anytime you want!
o If fairponzi cannot pay a payout request, it goes bankrupt, reset and and starts from beginning
o Starting at block 5'646'372 (so nobody is able to preinvest!) - 20.05.2018 12:00:00 UTC
o Contract address: 0x398bf07971475A020831D9C5e2Ac24ff393B9862

How referral works?
o You can easy generate referral link with "Copy link" button
- If somebody payin over your link, you get 10% of his winning reward
o Advanced promotors can host the website on your own with automatic included referral data

Can I lose my coins?
o Yes, most likley somebody else will win your coins!

Website Backups:
o English:
- Swarm: https://www.swarmdrop.com/files/c86c5a01c91fe6ff4becd944372610f6a6d40c8b0bd0bad3ec98d81b592424a0
- For local use: https://anonfile.com/X7vb44eab3/standalone-en.html
o Chinese:
- Swarm: https://www.swarmdrop.com/files/81116813c991fa541c26fc9c9b51c96166d0a541b8ec8c9c25b6eed0d1413e03
- For local use: https://anonfile.com/Y1vc46ecbf/standalone-cn.html

Good luck and happy gambling!
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