CashCow Dapp Promo -- first Dapp I've built put out last night!

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Hi Everyone,

I saw the new rules for posting/promotions, hopefully I flagged this appropriately. PhD student in Mech. Engineering here, had a few weeks off and wanted to dabble in the crypto sphere. Anyways, saw a lot of convoluted pyramid scheme type Dapps in the directories, thought I'd make something that's more of a casino game with semi-definite odds, and something that is hopefully more straightforward. Here are the rules:

1. Player 1 pays $50 to enter → gets sent back to player 1
2. Player 2 pays $50 to enter → gets sent to player 1
3. Player 3 pays $50 to enter → $25 each gets sent to player 1 and player 2.
4. Player 4 pays $50 to enter → $16.67 each gets sent to players 1, 2, and 3.
5. Each subsequent player pays $50 to enter and it gets divided among the pre-existing players.
6. When the dividend falls below $0.50, all players are removed
7. When this happens, the next player becomes player 1
8. This continues until the dividend falls below $0.50 again, and the cycle restarts
9. It is not possible to know which player you are. If you are in the top 40%, you will make a profit.

Here's the link:
Love it? Hate it? Let me know! Just remember, not a hardcore developer (spend most of my days doing heat transfer simulations), so go easy on me.
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