What are the Ethereum Casper PoS impacts on existing Ether holders?

Hello Experts
I have few questions regarding Casper:
1) When Casper kicks in, there will be a HARD fork. This means that Miners must switch to the NEW fork in order to continue with hybrid PoS\PoW chain. What happens if Miners dont like PoS and they continue mining on the old chain?
Will we have two chains running in parallel? If so, then will it be the same coin which could be obtained on either chain? If no, then who has to rename his coin? I guess the NEW chain? which means that Ethereum (the original) will be force to change their name to Ethereum Double Classic for example, because they are the one who are forking away from the main chain? is that true? If that is true, Then what will happen to my Ether? if i want to continue with Vitalik, i have to sell my Ether and convert it to Ethereum Double Classic coin?
2) What about Wallets? If Ethereum forks and results into a NEW (a 3rd version of ethereum) does the new version lets say Ethereum Double Classic will have to develop their own wallet? Does that mean that all ether holders who want to continue with Vitalik has to move thier fund from the existing wallets to the new wallets? Will they actually be able to move funds? or they have to sell existing ether and buy Ethereum Double Classic?

Thank you!
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