ETHSB, an exciting soccer score betting game!

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Hello Ethereum Community, now we released: ETHSB, an exciting soccer score betting game.

ETHSB is deployed on the github page, the page url is: is also available.

The smart contract is deployed  on ethereum's main blockchain, the contract address is:0xDcB2Da7b75965E24cb579A83a971E13b4b2dCFdC.

You can now place a bet on the score of the 2018 UEFA Champions League final. In the future, we will record all the 2018 World Cup match data, and you can bet on the World Cup match score.

There are two ways to win eth, bet or vote.You can learn more information here.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me on [email protected].

Thanks and be happy!

ETH Sports Betting

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