- new multipool for Ethash coins

kuznetkuznet Member Posts: 2
Main features:
  • Lots of popular coins are available in our pool. You can use SOLO, PPLNT and our unique group mode. [etp][music][pirl][exp][ubq][dbix][etc][eth][ella][nuko][vic][etz][pgc][aura][aka][mix][hbf][esn][gen][clo][str][eti][aqua][egem][yoc]
  • All payments are instant. You can change the amount of payments in your personal account.
  • You don’t need to change configuration of the miner for changing your coin.
  • New coins will be added to our pool immediately
  • Predictions of income in $/per 24 hours
  • Administrator of the pool is available in Telegram and Discord
  • For the first 1000 miners membership is no-fee
We are planning to start:
  • Public API
  • Mobile app
  • D3 detailing
  • Release in Asia/ Canada/ Australia
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