Get a smart function on the site

igordeyigordey Member Posts: 2
Help solve the problem.
A website is organized on the host.
Zadeploin contract in the network Rinkeby.
On myetherwallet checked functional - works.
Received token access to and works - issues the last block of the type: 2247757

Then the brake.

On the site you need to register a code to reflect on the page here this function from the contract

function checkSertificate (address CoopAddess, address member) constant returns (uint) {
require (member! = 0x0);
require (Coops [CoopAddess]);

StandardSertificate s = StandardSertificate (CoopAddess);
return s.issued (member);


On the host version of php 7.1, there is a possibility to switch to 7.2
installed and connected js:
and also the script is connected
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