[HIRING] Experienced Blockchain Game Developer needed

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We are looking for an experienced blockchain developer to work on producing a Cryptokitties similar blockchain game.

- the developer must be well-versed and fluent with both Solidity and Web3.js work.
- deep knowledge of ERC-721 token system and smart contract implementation
- most of the work will involve frontend development (Web3.js) than Smart contract coding.
- smart contract coding from scratch is not needed, since our game will emulate similar features found in Cryptokitties. However deep understanding of Cryptokitties existing source code is important
- able to tweak and modify existing Cryptokitties/Cryptozombies Solidity source code to suit our platform needs.
- able to integrate metamask extension and run testnet
- able to work with our existing graphics designer for in-game units design & app frontend layout.
- location is irrelevant (we will be working online)

After launching this project, we will continue further development of more advanced features.
Therefore this hiring is for long term.

- will do fixed rate per project basis or hourly rate (after finalizing discussion)

Cryptokitties source code:

Please email your resume to playspiritgames (at) gmail.com along with following information:
1. Your LinkedIn Profile
2. Website (if any)
3. Upwork or Freelancer.com profile (if any)
4. Past ERC-721/20 token project you have worked on

The more you share, the better it is. This will help us expedite our evaluation process and get you onboard.

Thank you!


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