share submission latency issue

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ok so ive been mining for about 4 month now, i have 1 x6 gpu mining rig and a 2 laptops at work, the mining rig share submission take 210-280 ms but at work it takes 140-190ms and its confusing the shit out of me even tho more people are connect to the router at work!

both office and home have the same isp with the same speed and the same exact router

also i tried a wired connection at home to see if any improvement will happen but that was useless i got worse latency than wifi

i have tried TCP optimization which worked and got me about 210-250ms but im still not satisfied, my stale share rate is jumping between 5% 9% on

should i buy a new router? i researched online and 99% of the time its barley the router that gives long latency

what could it be? any ideas...
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