EtherThreeKingdoms Beta released! Get Three Kingdoms Coin for free!

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Based on “Three Kingdoms”, Ether Three Kingdom is first blockchain game combined Cocos Creator engine. It successfully solves the most blockchain game problems on poor efficiency and large loading capacity requirement.
Now, players can play the blockchain game with a faster, free-flowing and more intuitive way. Bringing up the brand-new game experience to the world, Ether Three Kingdoms takes the blockchain game into a new era.

【Exclusive User Dividend Reward System】
On the enormous map, each city has its special heroes, you can summon exclusive hero in the city. Also, owning a city means you will get 10% dividend bonus when others summoning heroes from your city. You can enjoy this passive income if the city belongs to you.
For example, if you buy a city for 1ETH and that city sold heroes with 100ETH in total, then you, the city owner, will get 10ETH bonus right away. The more heroes sold, the more ETH owner got. If others want to buy the city from you, they need to pay double what you paid for it. To sum up, you can benefit from two ways: City & Hero.

【Hyperdynamic Duel】
Want to prove your power? Fight in Duel! Ether Three Kingdoms presents you a high-performance animation rather monotonous picture display. Let you involve in a truly, vivid fighting scenario. In arena, no matter win or lose, you will get Fame and Three Kingdoms Coin (TKC). According to your ranking on leaderboard, the higher you rank, the more TKC you win!

In old days, players can only have the right to use digital items but can’t have it. Official party can recall or modify game items anytime, anywhere! Player’s property is not guaranteed. Featuring the core concept of decentralization, in Ether Three Kingdom all items are written on smart contract, developers can’t alter or delete any of it. Players own items directly and can use or trade without barrier.

Ether Three Kingdoms pre-sale will launch on 5/3, and you can buy a hero at 80% discount off at most! Don’t forget to invite friends and win exclusive loot box!
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