The New Bloctogon CP2X4-G GPU Mining Frame Design!

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Hey all! I want to show you all my new mining frame. Our first of many products to come is the Bloctogon CP2X4-G GPU Mining Frame!!!

For a long time I've felt GPU mining wasn't getting the attention it deserved so I set out to help improve upon our current market solutions.

Our first product is an eight GPU design and we also have a twelve GPU configuration that will soon be available.


Bloctogon's CP2X4-G frame design is made from machined and TIG welded 6061-T6 structural aluminum. It's built to scale from the beginner or home enthusiast to professional mining applications.

Multiple PSU configurations supported! Single ATX PSU, ATX and server PSU combo, Dual server PSUs, and Single Server PSU configurations!!!

The CP2X4-G's small footprint saves room allowing you to place more miners in a smaller space. With the CP2X4-G you can place 160 GPUs in an area measuring only nine square feet by seven feet tall!!

Frame towers can be easily moved around your space when the bottom frame has a set of casters installed (not included).

The Bloctogon CP2X4-G is hand built to exacting standards ensuring quality construction and uniformity of fit and function.

Professional packaging and Free UPS Ground shipping ensure your package arrives in perfect condition and on-time.

Contents include all necessary hardware needed for assembly including M4 motherboard screws and brass standoffs, #6 and #8 screws to mount hardware, 1/4" zinc bolts, lock washers and nuts.

Please NOTE: Price includes ONE Frame ONLY! Bloctogon CP2X4-G does not include motherboard, PCU, hard drives, RAM memory, power supplies, PCI-E Risers, cables, 120mm case fans or fan grills.

Please take a look at these early pictures of our prototype now available on eBay.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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