ETTA Games' New Promotion! Wager more, Win More. Minimum Prize Pool is 3 ETH, Easy to Win the Prize!

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The most thrilling Ether Wagering Competition is now on!
Ether only, bitcoin won't be counted this time!
Wager more, wager faster, get on top of the winner list and win exciting prizes!

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Check how it works as follows:

- Prize pool: 3 ETH and maybe more.
- Goal: During the competition, any and all qualified ETH wagers made by players will count towards the contest (bitcoin bets do not count for the competition).
- The top 10 players who wager the most will receive a reward.
- Base prize pool is a total of 3 ETH distributed between the different prize ranks.
- If the total ETH wagering reaches 200 ETH, 1 extra ETH will be added into the prize pool; and if it reaches 300 ETH, another 1 ETH will be added, and so forth.

Prize percentage is as below:
Rank Prize %
1st Place 40%
2nd Place 20%
3rd Place 10%
4th Place 10%
5th Place 5%
6th Place 5%
7th Place 3%
8th Place 3%
9th Place 2%
10th Place 2%

- The competition is starting at 6:00 AM(GMT+0), which means Now!
- The competition will end at 23:59(GMT+0) on April 30th.
- Real-time competition leaderboard will be regularly updated to track the competitors until the last day.
- The prize will be credited directly to winners’ balance after verification.
- In case of more than 1 player will have exactly the same wager amount, reward will be given to the one who has fewer bets.
- Multiple accounts per user are prohibited during competition. We will freeze all of your accounts once any abuse found, any bets from those accounts will be voided, also the prize given.
- We reserves all the rights to exclude players who have violated competition rules at any stage of the competition, including block/close/mute player account and invalidate any betting/reward if any abuse founded.
- We reserves all the rights for final explanation, including change or terminate the promotion at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

Wager at ETTA Games Now!

We're sure that you don't want to miss this exclusive chance to WIN BIG


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