A few high level questions about the Ethereum Blockchain

I've read a bunch but still have a few fundamental questions. I have a few ideas that don't involve the transfer of currency. Let's say I want the "life" of a property title in the chain. Here goes...
1)Once I figure out the smart contracts, do I place them on the main Ethereum blockchain where Ether crypto currency resides? If so, does that mean the main blockchain is used for all sorts of non-financial transactions that I'm reading about? So the blocks are full of Ether transactions as well as stuff like this https://www.coindesk.com/7-cool-decentralized-apps-built-ethereum/
2)I've seen where people are posting patents and similar docs to the blockchain. How are they embedding a document in the transaction? Something like a 3 page PDF for instance. Is there room in the transaction header for a document? From what I can tell Swarm isn't operational yet.
3)If you start your own blockchain, how do you get a critical mass to start mining it? Like on day one, you are only miner. What if the next 5 miners are hackers? How do you get a bunch of good people to mine right out of the gate so you have more than 51%?

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