Decentralized ICO Due Diligence Procedure

tokensrecordtokensrecord Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone!

We were working within a small team of analytics on standartizing ICO Due Diligence Procedure and finally decided to make an online tool to do the following:
1. Break down each ICO into facts and verify them by the community by voting.
2. Identify ICO Red Flags.
3. Setup a checklist about ICO to identify and review: team public profiles verification, product or MVP review, company residence, check ongoing development, team vesting schedule, investor protection and is smart contract according to that, token and expense distribution.

Right now we are working within our team. If you want to join us and improve this procedure let me know in this thread.

I am not sure if I can post direct link to our platform. I will wait for a comment from administration of this forum.

We have a detailed description in a presentation and extended version. I can share it here if it is allowed.

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