[ICO]ICO campaign of first automated blockchain platform starts 17th of April

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ICO campaign of first automated blockchain platform for startups and SME’s to launch their own ICO starts 17th of April
System Bit Consulting founders are launching a powerful and technological blockchain platform for startups, small and medium-sized business development. Within the limits of SBC Platform, which is starting on April 17th , they plan to collect $11 million.
SBC Platform issues a challenge of becoming a mass automated platform in ICO preparation for price-sensitive projects. This will let the startup representatives as well as the small and medium-sized business representatives to decrease expenses radically for high quality projects preparations for introducing them to the market. SBC Platform will provide multitasking functionality, such as the automated creation of Whitepapers, ICO landings, one-pagers, presentations, bounty campaigns, smart-contracts constructors, as well as marketing and juridical blocks. Most services, according to the published plans, will be available in the end of 2018 - start of 2019.
Moreover, all the platform members will have the access to the worldwide expert community, who will help analyzing and building up their business. This platform will be able to lend an opportunity of an automated token distribution on crypto exchange.
By this time, SBC already shares actual information with clients for making the ICO marketing plan: namely, that about the most effective promotion channels, partners list, media, and the platforms for communication with partners.
ICO campaign starts on 17th of April and will end on 27th of June. Within the campaign, it is planned to implement 12 million of SBCE tokens, which will be used for further platform transactions. System Bit Consulting is planning to sell $11 million valued tokens.

About System Bit Consulting:
System Bit Consulting company founded in Saint-Petersburg in 2017 by Ilya Smirnov, President of the International Blockchain Solutions Development Association. SBC Company serves blockchain technology integrations by uniting blockchain based program development market members and cryptoexperts. Company’s major focus area is blockchain technology integration into practical sector of the economy, such as automated managing systems, database protection, transportation-communicative logistics and housing and utilities services.
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