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Hi forum,

The original forum rules prohibited posts of a commercial nature in a day when this forum was used primarily by Ethereum core developers. Now that Ethereum has realised its place in the modern world of commerce, it seems to me that this rule should be relaxed somewhat so members can promote their work. We have created the new category "Promotional" as a place to post material of a commercial or marketing nature.

  • Ethereum related projects/stores/ICO's only
  • Posts of a commercial nature posted in other categories will be moved or deleted
  • Maintain ONE thread per project
  • No unnecessary bumping
  • No spamming or flooding (you will likely be banned and content deleted)
  • Promoter must be an official member of the entity being promoted
  • Be open and honest. No viral marketing.
As always be respectful when posting to this category.

Feedback is welcome.

o0ragman0o (mod)
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