Thread stuck in device driver Windows 10 :(

AkromaAkroma Member Posts: 92
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hello guys :) thanks for your help.

I have 5 of rx580 sapphire nitro+, 3 of them 8gb, and 2 of them 4gb.

But when i use 5 gpus for mining, i get Thread stuck in device driver on Windows 10.

i have them flashed to 1500 straps, i am in the process to change all of them to 1750.

I have formatted 2 times, started again, using beta blockchain and the latest driver.

what can it be?

thank you very much for your help :)

I use biostar tb250 btc. 1300w supernova, 4gb ram, ssd, 16gb virtual, tolud 3.5gb and pci gen 1.
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