EtherStars DApp

We've been working on for a few months and yesterday we finally released version, which is good enough to show it for community.
It's a distributed app runs on the Ethereum blockchain, allows user to create, buy, sell and gift stars in a virtual universe.
The price of each next star in the galaxy is increasing together with count of stars.
You can't also choose a place for a star, it will generated randomly.
You are allow to select the galaxy deep level, we called it Z-level.
Z-level it's how far your star will be placed from main screen. Some Z-levels are unreachible(the star will look like a small point in the space) from the main screen!

We will be really apreciate you for any feedback about our project.
Sure, it's just a first step in discovering a big potential of blockchain apps development.

Thank you very much.
EtherStars Team.
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