Token Generation Event

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A unique opportunity is approaching...

Don’t miss out on the IADOWR COIN (IAD) Token Generation Event on April 30th!
One of the most unique and impactful tokens up to date. A coin with a real platform,
underlying software, purpose and mission.

WHAT IS IADOWR COIN(IAD)?​ - It is a pre-mined ERC-20 token that will create a decentralized
platform using Ethereum Smart Contracts and our internal distribution mechanism for people to play
games, make money, and help people all at once. IAD is supported by an internal token generated by
Own The Spread (the sister company of IADOWR Coin) called OTS Bucks. Combining IAD with OTS
gives the average person multiple methods to earning IAD and real money. All the paths are listed below
and none of which require any money but rather just time and support.

HOW TO EARN IADOWR COIN(IAD)?​ There are multiple paths already in place and plan on adding
more everyday. The underlying theme is contributing to our community, having fun, never risking your
own money, and helping others. WIth no ads, no malware, no mining, just be rewarded for playing and
supporting our coin and our ultimate mission.
1) Play fantasy games on OTS for free and earn OTS Bucks and real money. Yes for absolutely
2) Spin our daily wheel on Own The Spread or IADOWR Coin for a chance to win free OTSB and
IAD respectively.
3) After you win (not buy) OTSB and/or our internal IAD on Own The Spread, then you can wager
OTSB and/or IAD to earn more in our KIP’s Lobby.
4) Participate in The OTS Fund with the IAD you win, which will allow you to join in on the profits of
the one of a kind OTS Fund. You get to follow along everyday with the games The OTS Fund is
wagering on and get all the thrill and enjoyment of sports betting without gambling your own
5) Advocate for us in social media. Tell people about your winnings on OTS and the fun you are
having earning and winning IAD and send us the proof of it and we will send you IAD and OTSB.
6) Do you like to help people in addition to having fun? Volunteer your time with us at IADOWR
and we will reward that time with IAD.

WHAT IS THE IAD MISSION?​ - We believe that Sportsbooks and Fantasy sports sites are slanted and
skewed to just give people enough information to make the wrong decisions. We believe that wagering
on sports can be exhilarating and fun, yet addicting and devastating to the gambler, especially if they are
making the wrong decisions. We believe that we can make money, play games, educate ourselves so
we are not taken advantage of and help people by sharing our profits with people who can’t help
themselves. We are conscious that the average person lives in a world where there are winners and
losers. Where gamblers lose more often than not, and casinos and sportsbooks win disproportionately.
We want to change that to show that there can be a win-win opportunity here. To change things for the
better, one game at a time, one person at a time, one coin at a time.

WHEN IS IAD ROLLING OUT?​ - IAD is rolling with our [color=red]Token Generation Event on April 30th[/color] as an
ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain. If you would like to support our mission to create a new
platform to win money, play for free, have fun, and help people then IAD is the token to support. Learn more at [url]
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