Ethos Obsolete with Hive OS!!!

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Finally a user friendly operating system that takes responsibilities for itself.

To update to the new systems you have to essentially say you will pay GPU shack for using their 30K software, because we all know it was outsourced, for no warranty what so ever. Essentially they are claiming it does not even mine ethereum to get the out of damaging GPUs.

They had their hay day and made a few million.

My best advice:

Check out and it will be the best thing you did. They take responsibilities and accept. It’s a brand new mining system. Nothing like “PIMP” or simple miner. This far exceeds anything out there.

I am just now loading up some rigs with it now and will report back later. I hope you guys enjoy it too
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    Hello Trey. Are you ever going to pay gpuShack for your hardware?

    You never replied to the below email, so I thought that perhaps you didn't have time. However, you seem to have plenty of time to post on public forums about how much ethOS sucks after you got banned from using it. :)

    I wonder if there's a correlation there....


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