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You are all welcome to our new no-fee multipool comining.io !

Main advantages:

Lots of popular coins are available in our pool. You can use SOLO, PPLNT and our unique group mode. [etp][music][pirl][exp][ubq][dbix][etc][eth][ella][nuko][vic][etz][pgc][aura][aka]
  • All payments are instant. You can change the amount of payments in your personal account.
  • You don’t need to change configuration of the miner for changing your coin.
  • New coins will be added to our pool immediately
  • Predictions of income in $/per 24 hours
  • Administrator of the pool is available in the telegram-chat
  • For the first 1000 miners membership is no-fee
  • Public APIhttps://t.me/comining

1) Log in your account
2) Enter the the section “Workers” and then "Add Worker"
3) In the field "Worker Name" type the name of the configuration, and then choose a coin in the section “Mining” and press “Add”
4) Creation of the configuration in the pool is done now. You need only insert ID of your account and the name of the worker in the settings of your miner
The example for Ethminer:
5) For changing a coin you need to press "Change mining" in the personal account and choose any coin you want

Our chat in Telegram

Have a good luck in comining.io!
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