Need help about where to start

enderpenderp Member Posts: 1
Hi my friends,

I need your precious help about using ethereum tools with python.
I am struggling with ethereum and python.
As far as I can see there are too many resources for javascript because origin of smart contract web3 etc.
I am not a developer and I want to develop my own crypto stuff as a hobiest.

I was trying to create my offline ether wallet generator with python which was too easy for any developer. I can create my wallet with python but I have no idea about how could I do this :D
I want to build a website with flask like etherscanner, ethplorer etc for my own use and publish it to community afterwards. Also I have too many ideas ...

But so...
I need your help about how to start using ethereum with python.
Basicly my aim is playing with ethereum with python.
Could anyone help me how can I interact with ethereum with using python?

Any help will appriciate.
Sorry for my typo because of I am not a native English speaker.
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