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Tipchain is a decentralized loyalty system meant to disrupt how people get rewarded and enticed to shop online by replacing coupons and discounts with a tradeable virtual currency that can be used to shop on any e-commerce site integrated with our software and can be traded on exchanges. Tipchain’s (TIP) vision is to make it possible to reward every aspect of shopping online.

We picture a world where any form of transacting on e-commerce sites can be quantified and compensated with pinpoint accuracy devoid of bias.Given an option of Coupon, Discount or TIP, a Cryptocurrency with appreciating value, most if not all, would choose Tipchain. Given that E-commerce incentive market is estimated at $94 Billion and growing means TIP has a bright future.


Fill form at https://www.t.me/tipchain and you'll receive 1,000 TIP tokens

Token Distribution will be on 5th April 2018.

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