[ICO] SBC Platform - Automated ICO solutions for startups and SMEs

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We offer assistance in preparation of an ICO campaign for startups and SMEs. Our services are significantly cheaper than the average market prices due to automatisation and standardisation of many processes.
We use our Smart Forms to collect all the essential information about the clients’ product and automatically generate all the major documents, make a landing page and develop a smart contract.
We provide our clients with the essential analytics, legal, marketing and event related information as well as expert evaluation and recommendations.
CoinLab doesn’t need millions of dollars to develop its product. It would be enough for them to have a budget of 100000$.
ICO preparation costs are too high for them to even start considering it as a fundraising tool.
SBC Platform gives them an opportunity to do ICO preparation work for as little as 5000$.

SBCE token is a utility ERC 20 token, a digital asset and an internal currency at SBC Platform. All the platform services are available for purchase for SBCE tokens only.

The team of System Bit Consulting includes people with long service experience, economics, and blockchain technology that will ensure a potential project.
Using our expertise in business, blockchain integration and marketing we shall give access to the most relevant and up to date analytics as well as will organise, when necessary, training sessions and consultation in order to increase the competence of our clients.
If you have any questions or suggestions our team members shall be happy to hear from you at any time. We support our clients in few languages.

Website: https://sbcplatform.com/index-en.html
Whitepaper: https://sbcplatform.com/docs/EN_sbcplatform-whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/sbcplatform_ico
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SystemBitConsulting/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/system_bit
Medium: https://medium.com/@sbcplatform/

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