How many Ethereum tokens will be created?

BigBoss1986BigBoss1986 Member Posts: 10
I just bought a little Ethereum today from coinmama (I know... not ideal) but it just dawn on me...How much Ethereum will be created because too much in circulation is not good as in the fed printing too much money.


  • sarahxia618sarahxia618 Member Posts: 7
    Where can I buy the Ethereum?
  • Hafid_AHafid_A Member Posts: 20
    They produce Ethereum as "crypto-fuel", a token whose purpose is to pay for computation, and is not intended to be used as or considered a currency, asset, share or anything else.
    So, its hard to count or even predict its final amount. At the same time, most people tends to buy eth for speculation only and not for long-term investment
  • ethereumgamblerethereumgambler Member Posts: 10

    Where can I buy the Ethereum?

    Coinbase is one of the more reliable sites for buying Ethereum. Kraken is another place to purchase ETH. Kraken had a lot of problems in the past but they have seemed to iron them out in 2018 so they're more reliable now than in the past.
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