Wasp0Wasp0 Member Posts: 49
Anyone using the XFX RX580 for Eth Mining? I just picked one up to bolster my 7 GPU rig to 8 and wish i had not. It runs like HOTTER than HOT, SMOS does not like the Bios Mod, Low Hash rate.

I have 3 rigs now and a mix of Nitro's, ASUS Strix, Red Devils' all RX 580/570's but picked this XFX up as it was at a cheap(ER) price than a Strix/Nitro.

Anyone else having Heat Issues with the XFX?

Nice to know if it is just me and my bad luck or is it common for these cards?



  • Ericjh801Ericjh801 Utah, USAMember Posts: 371 ✭✭
    I'm using only XFX 580's on 5 of my rigs. Did you fip the BIOS switch on them to mining mode? All mine are at 30MHS without changing bios to something else Have them set to run at 65c. Fan go about 40-60% depending on temp outside.
  • afrosamuraiyafrosamuraiy Member Posts: 5
    hey guys. i flashed a rom over my xfx rx580 gts xxx 8gb samsung card. now 3/6 are running at 30MH/s and the other 3 at 22.33. one of the slow 3s started at 30, too, but jumped back to 22.33 after a while. NEED HELP!!!
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