- Be the only owner around the world of a football player!

Hello, we just launched our project

Be part of the game blockchain and start collecting unique individual soccer player Smart Contracts

Are you a soccer fan? Have you ever thought of starting collecting individual players? smart contracts? You can start owning your favourite players today! We?ve got you covered!

Start trading world-class soccer professionals for huge profits and incredible rewards! Discover an easy and instantaneous way to make money. Compete with other fans around the globe to maintain ownership of the most wanted soccer players. Or just focus on maximising the value of your investments!

Here?s how it works: you?ll find for every player of your choice one smart contract token.
Once you find your favorite player, you can easily buy the smart contract. You?ll become the only owner around the world unless someone snatches your contract and doubles up your price!

Then the game is on!

If someone buys your contract you?ll have two choices: you can either buy it again from the new buyer or you can receive what you paid for the initial contract plus up to the double of your purchase.

No sign up needed, unless you want to. We want to make it easy for you!

Think of smart contracts as a unique token that can only be owned by one single person in the entire world.
Soccer player smart contracts can be found on the Ethereum blockchain and are available to purchase with Ether.

Discover the perks of gaming and investing at the same time!

For every smart contract you buy, a card will be linked to your email address. You can collect as many of your favorite soccer players as you wish. Remember! For every smart contract you buy, its value will automatically be doubled up.
If you thought soccer couldn?t get more interesting, imagine owning Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?s smart contract!
Even if you only owned Messi?s smart contract for 5 minutes before someone else bought it from you and doubled up the price, you?ll always appear as having owned that smart contract on the blockchain.
Or else, you can always buy it back!

Soccer players can also verify their contracts. If they do so, they are eligible to claim royalties or they can choose to donate 3% of every purchase connected to their smart contract to a charity of their choosing.
These officially verified smart contracts will be clearly displayed for you to see.

Start buying, selling or trading smart contracts of the best current soccer players in the world! You?ll never lose your investment, it only ever grows!

Welcome to the greatest game?s blockchain, the game is on! Let?s play ball!

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