Crypto Idle Games - 0.4 ETH Giveaway join because you can be a winner!!!

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Crypto Idle Games

For the first time ever, Crypto Idle Games will now be on the ethereum network! EtherGoo is the first of it's kind.
Instead of spending your time on your mobile phone playing clicker games for no reason, you can play Goo and make money by doing so.
Earning ETH is simple and easy. You run a factory to produce Goo, and depending on how much % of Goo you own on a worldwide scale, you get that % as ETH from the total pot. This game is here to stay. Its going to be a longterm global phenomena.
Game launches on Friday 30th March at 8pm UTC.

There´s a 0.4 ETH Giveaway running join because you can be a winner!!!

Join here:
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