Why doesn't nanopool payout come close to etherscan.io calculator

steve100254steve100254 Member Posts: 1
I'm currently running a hashrate of 100Mh/s or slightly higher. Mining on Nanopool.
Current Balance of $ 6.65 (lets call it $6.50 for e-z math) is 25% of .05 payout in 6 days.
So that's a total of $26 or $ 130/mo
Putting all the parameters into etherscan calculator 100 Mh/s 1000w .13/kWh and the rest,
network hashrate, price of Ether, etherscan.io calculator indicates TOTAL PROFIT = $657 and change!

How is that? something is off..............

I have Kill-a-Watt so I know the wattage is true


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