Using 2 HP Server Power Supplies on rig build?

statisticianstatistician Member Posts: 2
So I have traditionally always used desktop power supplies for my rig builds and am now planning to use HP Server Power Supplies since they are obviously cheaper and more reliable. Using a single 1200W HP Power supplies seems pretty straight forward to me, but is there a way to chain 2 power supplies together for a rig build in the similar way like I have chained two EVGA power supplies in together so they startup simultaneously? If so how is this done? I ask because it seems like my rig build is going to consume close to 1650 watts so, I was would like to use one 750W and one 1200W power supply if it's possible.



  • peshetomanpeshetoman Member Posts: 78
    Why not just use a power switch on your power cord extender? This is how i do it. One PSU always one , bios set to start up on power back on, if i need to shut down just use the button on the power switch, that assures both start at the same time. Cheep solution :)
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