connecting go ethereum CLI with ethereum.js within Chrome web browser- Can't get anything working

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So all I want to do is be able to run a basic ethereum.js example working, any help is appreciated. I am running on Ubuntu.

Question #1: So is this actually doable right now, using the go ehtereum CLI and ethereum.js running in a chrome? I know it's supposed to work, but would I be better off waiting a week or two because of API issues or should I soldier ahead today and try to get this working?

Question #2: I heard some rumors that the ethereum.js websocket is being removed, even though it's all over the github README. Sure enough, the function seems to be missing from the latest version of ethereum.js in the dist folder. How is someone supposed to connect to the go ethereum CLI now? Through the RPC interface? Are there specific steps available anywhere?

Question #3: Does "ethereum -rpc" work correctly right now? When I try to use this (instead of websockets) I get a logged error of "Error starting JSON-RPC: accept tcp 8080 use of closed network connection" and I don't know what to do with that. However, with a separate app I can see that the socket is being allocated to ethereum.

Question #4: When I run the basic "etherem -loglevel=4" I can see the go ethereum CLI client (v0.8.1) is trying to connect to other peers (connecting to the testnet? It would be nice if you added some info in the docs to know what the default connection behavior is) but it never seems to be syncing any blocks... If I mine, I seem to get 100% of the blocks... how can I tell if go ethereum CLI is connecting and working like it's supposed to?


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    No, at the moment it is all pretty much broken.
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    At the moment we're transitioning from a asynchronous API to a synchronous API using JSON-RPC. Ethereum.js is currently ahead and dropped async (which rendered Mist a little bit useless :-()

    Now I hate doing promises; but there's a good chance I'll merge the Qt5.4 branch (which includes the full synchronous API) on to the develop branch.

    1) Using develop, no. Using Qt5.4 branch, yes.

    2) WebSockets will drop (at least for now) in favour of a synchronous api

    3) Same as 1

    4) Develop branch contains PV51, we've recently upgraded to PV52 2 days ago which is why you're not seeing any blocks being synced.
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    I can't believe it- It seems to be working now, on branch develop (at least the basic balance.html example :-)
    Thanks obscuren!
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    Hi obscuren... when I try to compile an ethereum contract from javascript (as per the ethereumjs examples) I get "Method not implemented eth_solidity"

    I take it this means no solidity support yet in go-ethereum? Any estimate on when solidity will be supported?

    FYI, I know you guys have a lot on your plates, I can always work around this issue by using serpent for now if needed :-)
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