The contest for writing software for the next generation miner!

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RMC is developing a new generation miner, Multiclet, and we can not do without the talented enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency world!

Multiclet is a miner, based on the newest DSP-processor. The main advantages of this device are the possibility of mining any altcoin with the protocol of consensus POW, an official guarantee from the manufacturer and the most effective consumption of electricity!

To speed up the process of writing software for this miner, we launched a competition for developers.

The main goal of the contest is to create a software for Multiclet for a certain altcoin, which participants define for themselves.

Participate can both teams of developers, and individual developers.

As a prize for the winners, we offer the opportunity to lay 1% of the mining in the code. And the best and timely work will be delivered with the miner.

How will we evaluate the work? Everything is very simple, the work will be checked for their speed and power consumption. For each altcoin, the most effective software will be selected.

The contest will be held in several stages:

February - April: software development

April - May: inspection and evaluation of works

June: scoring the results

If you are interested, read more information and leave a request at

Good luck!
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