Etheratom presents an IDE like solidity development environment for Solidity developers.

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Greetings everyone :heart:
Etheratom is an atom editor plugin that has been working towards providing an integrated development environment for solidity smart contracts. After a decade of development and hard work Etheratom now works with most solidity features. On recent updates Etheratom adds Event logger & Transactions subscriber, support for github imports & payable functions and many more (see bellow). Ethereum enthusiasts, developers and users are requested to head to the github repository of Etheratom and try out IDE like functionality for solidity smart contracts development on Etheratom.

For installation instructions see README or Installation wiki. Etheratom has plenty of screenshots of various simple and complex contracts tried on Etheraratom added to its wiki. Create issues if you find something not working or want any improvement. Pull requests are welcome as well. Etheratom uses react, electron, web3js 1.0 and connects with Ethereum client via RPC & Websocket.

New features & updates:
  • Solidity interface JSON view
  • Transaction & Transaction receipt view
  • Support for `payable` functions
  • Event loggers
  • Show a list of transactions made from editor
  • Collapsible sections for multiple files compiled
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
Support Etheratom project
Ethereum address: 0xd22fE4aEFed0A984B1165dc24095728EE7005a36

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