Big announcement at Reactjs Conference today is relevant to Ethereum Light Client

Hi, I just want to make the ethereum devs aware of a new toolkit announced at Reactjsconf today that seems perfect for the mobile light client- It lets you write javascript apps in the "reactjs style" (very popular these days, especially among people into functional programming) and have it render native components on iOS and Android.

I just want to point out what a perfect fit it would be for your light client work, if they release the source of the toolkit soon enough: It would offer a smooth transition for people writing webkit-based ethereum front ends to writing native iOS ethereum apps [1].

There aren't any docs out yet, but are expected tomorrow (only tweets right now )

[1] They're native in essentially every way except that the code will still be written in javascript, not Objective C or Swift. Also, React Native will have a custom layout model that is sort of a streamlined CSS.
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