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DECENTRAVERSE: Blockchain Evolved

A crypto game unlike anything you've ever seen before

Here on the Decentraverse team, we take blockchain gaming seriously. Of course our game is going to allow for tons of fun to be had between you and your friends, but we also want to make sure you guys are getting the most out of your time.

Today we’d like to proudly share some of the benefits of playing Decentraverse and why you should RSVP to our sci-fi adventure game!

Firstly, we currently have over 5,000 objects that can be discovered and collected. Each giving you the opportunity to increase the value of your hard earned ETH.

Secondly, we have built our game in a way that gives you, the player, multiple opportunities to gain from investing your time into our game:

- EXPLORER (travels the galaxy in search for celestial objects & uploads discoveries to our online marketplace and earn a portion of the sales)
- CONQUEROR (focuses on battling other players lone-wolf style with the hopes of capturing their objects)
- COMMANDER (commands multiple fleets to capture objects across the universe)

The more objects you discover and collect, the higher the value of your account in terms of ETH. There are no limits to how many paths you wish to take, and if you wake up one day and decide you wish to do things different, you can do so at virtually no cost. Additionally, each object owned grants you science and tech points or “Research Score” for short. The higher your score, the greater your overall rank, and the bigger the rewards for you, your friends, and your guild!

There are more benefits planned for development and we can’t wait to share these with you!

Want to learn more about Decentraverse?
Here are the official resources to introduce you to your new sci-fi addiction.

Decentraverse FAQs: A great introduction to our Ethereum powered game.
Decentraverse Blog: Your go-to place to find the newest updates on the game
Telegram: One of our community channels where we will send updates about the games development
Discord: The best way to meet the Decentraverse community is to join our Discord!
Social: Follow us on Facebook for giveaways, daily news, and more.

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