VirUs - Complex of products for changing the ICO market

1. Who we are and what we want to achieve?

We are a team consisting of enthusiasts of the crypto-currency market, specialists in the field of investment and promotion of start-ups. We, like most of you, have been actively involved in many ICO projects for the last year and have experienced all the problems that currently exist - frequent deceit of investors' expectations, constant delays in the release of products, lack of any control by the ico team from investors.

The solutions to the wide range of described problems are a very ambitious and complex task. In fact, we do not just want to create some new product together with you, we challenge the established market’s laws and aim to change the rules of the game. However, ambitious goals require a wide range of tools to achieve them.

More information about us you can find out by reading our WhitePaper WhitePaper eng | WhitePaper ru
Special thanks to Alex Gamaler for the translation into Russian.

2. What products we want to make?

3. How wе are different from other ICOs?

We are not exactly ICO, we are ATS, and that means you may earn at the stage of funds attraction.

ATS (Aggressive Token Sales) is a new format for attracting investments to cryptocurrency projects, developed by our team of marketing experts specifically for the VirUs project.

A distinctive feature of ATS is the creation of maximum interest of all participants in a favorable completion of the fundraising process. A successful completion of ATS brings advantage to every party, both to the project team and individual investors, as opposed to the usual ICO format where only the investment offer founders remain in the win up to a certain point.

The key difference between ATS and ICO is that project investors by buying its tokens can obtain a significant profit during the ATS. That option allows you not to wait for its successful completion and release of the tokens to exchanges. At the same time, we as the founders of the project, with a greater probability of success receive funds necessary for implementation of our products.

4. How can you make money with us?

a) You can earn by participating in trading on the internal exchange of the project VirUS during the ATS - we are the first project that gives you the opportunity to choose - buy tokens from the team, buy tokens from other users or sell available tokens at any time at a bargain price. You don't need to wait for the end of ATS to speculate for your tokens.

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b) We have developed a unique affiliate program that allows you to receive up to a 50% bonus on the purchase of tokens of the person who's signed up through your referral link.

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c) Participate in the program of referral consultants and receive weekly rewards in the project's tokens.

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d) Since the format of our ICO is non-standard, the bounty program has a number of serious differences, and one of the main differences is that you can get the tokens in the bounty program every week, without waiting for the ATS (ICO).

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e) You can save tokens as assets and make a significant profit in the future as a member of a private V-Team club.

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5. Who is on our team?

6. How much money we need and how we distribute them?

In order to successfully achieve the goals set for the project, we decided not to sacrifice quality or limit the functionality of the products, therefore we decided not to use the concept of the minimum amount necessary for their implementation – our goal is to attract funding above 25,000,000 USD, this is the amount of funding necessary so that our investors and clients could reliably receive a quality project that can change the ICO market.

A number of tokens issued and their distribution

In order to attract the necessary financing we will issue 100,000,000 VIS (Virtual Investment Solution), tokens which will be distributed in the following way:

80% will be sold during the ATS and distributed among its participants.
13% will be distributed for remuneration of the project team, invited advisers and experts.
7% will be used for ATS marketing programs.

Additional issuance of VIS tokens at any ATS stage is impossible, a number of tokens strictly established at the commencement of the ATS are sold.

Allocation of funds obtained in the ATS

All funds obtained by the VirUs project team will be allocated in the following way:

75% product development, creation of the project infrastructure;
15 % creation of a legal framework of the project;
10% promotion of the project after the launch.

7. What are our plans?

8. Who we cooperate with?

To ensure the legal aspect of the project, we have chosen as consultant one of the world's leading companies - Baker McKenzie.

At the moment, we are actively negotiating with them about the preparation of all necessary regulatory documents for the successful launch of VIrUs products.
Also, in the near future, it will be announced about cooperation with several crypto-currency funds and large information portals.

9. How to contact us?


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