Check Balance & Send Ether in Go-ethereum using CLI

Hi all,

How does one check account balance & send Ether in Go-ethereum using Command Line Interface?

I have been attempting to do so using the: ethereum [option] command. but I can't seem to figure it out.

I have Go-ethereum built on Ubuntu 14.04

Much thanks!


  • KenKKenK Member Posts: 44 admin

    $ethereum -js

    to launch the javascript console. Commands can be found here:
  • tgerringtgerring Member Posts: 28 ✭✭
    Another way to interact with the Ethereum network using the CLI would be to start the RPC interface (-rpc=true) and send commands via cURL or any other HTTP agent.

    Because not all operations are yet exposed via RPC, see this comment on GitHub for links to the full RPC command specification and what is currently implemented.
  • gabbo876gabbo876 Member Posts: 5
    I keep getting an error runtime when trying to send ether. I am using the following in javascript console:

    eth.transact (sec, recipient, value, gas, gas price, data)

    I am trying to send ether to the address 'e2d169445a4cbc0a20b3a4adfdf245381a25318c' of value 50000 using:

    eth.transact (eth.secretToAddress(eth.coinBase()), 'e2d169445a4cbc0a20b3a4adfdf245381a25318c', '50000', '10000', '10000', '0x0')

    console spits out: error runtime error: index out of range

    I'm not sure the '0x0' input in data is correct. Do I have the inputs wrong?

    Thanks for the help.

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