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Lepena Whirlpool Token [$LEW]


9000 years ago, 5000 years before Egyptian Pyramids were built, there was a city in Europe, on the banks of Denube, in todays Lepenski Vir (Lepena Whirlpool), Serbia.

Goal of Lepena Whirlpool Token Community is to invest in archeological and tourist attractions in cities around Lepenski Vir.

We want to rebuild museums, build hotels, aqua parks etc.

Dividends will be paid in ETH to the Token holders in the future.


100.00 $LEW
- Follow https://twitter.com/lepwhirtk
- Retweet and Like and comment the twitter link with your ETH address:

+200 $LEW
- Tag at least 3 twitter crypto friends in the twitter link comment


1,000.00 $LEW: send 0.001 ETH

3,000.00 $LEW: send 0.002 ETH

10,000.00 $LEW: send 0.005 ETH

to 0x36d97e6326c2b6222a883ecdd2cac8c448898aff

Gas Limit 100,000

If you send more than 0.0002 ETH and less than 0.002 ETH, you will get 1 $LEW for 0.000001 ETH.
If you send 0.002 ETH or more, and less than 0.005 ETH, you will get 1 $LEW for 0.00000066 ETH.
If you send 0.005 ETH or more, you will get 1 $LEW for 0.0000005 ETH, so if you send 1 ETH you will have 2,000,000 $LEW.
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