Ethereum Crowdsale Contract Sending Ether Issue

tanrootanroo Member Posts: 1

i was able to sucessfully compile and deploy the ethereum crowdsale contract published here

however when i send any ether to the contract it fails with "Value Transfer Did not complete , most likely as a result of a REVERT opcode"

Crowdsale Contract Address : 0x70cc86e118c5f89a89fc0c75a8918cefe402b080
TX Hash of ether sent to Crowdsale contract : 0x508ae4790c7786fdadd77b83fd95506493da3cc37aed50b6597ed11389f3ccea

I sent with plenty of GAS still no luck.

What is the next thing i can try.

The associated Token Contract Address : 0x973D743DBfa37e4FB3e196B353a0951a46C1F2D7 Works fine no issues
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