Buy Ether With Cash?

coinkircoinkir PakistanMember Posts: 18
Hi, Today I have lost My Credit card, That's not problem I have played another debit card but the problem is Today Ethereum price is very Low so I want to Buy Ethereum but I don't have Credit Card to buy that, Anyone here who know how can I Buy Ether with Cash if have so please let me know.


  • DavidStantonDavidStanton Member Posts: 5
    There are a few ATM popping up where you can buy Bitcoin for cash. I have used them and the fee is rather high. But once you have Bitcoin then it is easy to get some Ethereum. Hope that helps
  • coinkircoinkir PakistanMember Posts: 18
    Hello, dear member, I have Found Localbitcoins platform there have an option to Buy bitcoin direct So you may also try to buy there Thank you for sharing your opinions.
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