Miner keep crashing after windows update.

oleg1155oleg1155 Member Posts: 2
After windows update i can't start my miner. When i run the miner, it starts off and closes immediately. I disabled windows defender, don't have any AV running. Re downloaded nano pool miner, same result. Any suggestions would be helpful.


  • iamnoobplzhelpiamnoobplzhelp Member Posts: 238 ✭✭
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    If it closes immediately, it's possible that the .exe file is missing. I see that you disabled windows defender, but even after disabling, it can turn itself back on.

    What I do is create a folder called "mining" in my documents and then add an exception in Windows Defender. You do this by opening up defender, click on "Virus and thread protection", then click on "virus and thread protection settings", then near the bottom there is a setting called "Exclusions", click "add or remove exclusions", add a folder exclusion for the folder you want.

    Then windows defender won't scan that folder. Download directly to this folder and try again.

  • oleg1155oleg1155 Member Posts: 2
    I did all that and still same issue. This is where it kicks off

  • ExpertMinerExpertMiner Member Posts: 14
    I found this in dept guide from some guy on Anorak, how to tune your GPUs for max hashrate and low voltage. It fixed my 580's from 24mh/s to 30mh/s

    It's a really big and detail guide, check it out. I'm sure it would help a lot of people.

  • sutheksuthek Member Posts: 324 ✭✭
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    pro tip. don't use windows.
    Make a bootable USB thumb drive running simpleminer (smos)
    way more stable and less messing around. turn key runs perfectly.
    only costs $2 a month for the full computer to run. but i think you can try it out for free to see.
    it's SO EASY to get set up.
    You can transpose your claymore settings into it and be up and running in like... 15 minutes... (I'm factoring in the 9 minutes the app takes to write your bootable drive) It's the closest you'll ever get to turn key.
    and likely run smoother with less crashes than ever... AND not held hostage by windows updates.
  • MilkmoneyMilkmoney Member Posts: 6
    Same thing happened to me. I'm done running Windows. Like suthek said (smos). The GUI is nice using Windows but not worth the problems.
  • chrichri101chrichri101 Member Posts: 2
    My one rig also had constant bsod issues, could never figure out what caused it. but was not relarted to windows updates.

    I like Windows, so I decided to disable updates (disable update service + set network adapter to metered + set to not install but notify only via gpedit)

    But the rig still bsod, changed ram, hhd, psu, reinstalled ect. concluded its mboard or cpu related.

    What i realized at this point in time was that a good hardware based watchdog module would be a great addition (downtime is a loss in revenue) to any rig since software watchdogs cannot catch all issues, and I wanted something that is completely independent of software/drivers and transparent to the rig, but I could not find any that was customizable. So I developed my own that monitors for activity and resets or power cycles the rig if no activity is detected for xx minutes.

    Prob against the rules of the forum so I will not be advertising/spamming here, so if anyone is interested in more info regarding my module, then can msg me directly and I will discuss in private.

    I have been running my rigs with my modules for a couple of months now and I dont constantly have to worry if they on or off anymore. I configured a logon script that emails me each time a rigs starts to I know if a rig is rebooted and can easily trend reboot patterns that way.

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