Can't find files

Using OSX 10.10 and a Fish shell I've got go-ethereum up and running but Mist is still problematic due to:

1. Mist concatenate's the paths specified in $GOPATH (yes, it can be multiple paths in $GOPATH):
[JSRE] Could not load file: /Users/bla/apps/gopath:/Users/bla/projects/gopath/src/

2. panic: open /Users/bla/apps/gopath/Resources/qml/main.qml: no such file or directory
'Resources' is indeed not under my '/Users/bla/apps/gopath/', but I woulnd't know how to get it there. I've followed the instructions here to avoid the QT bug, but that didn't solve the problem. I am sure the right QT version is being used.
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