Errors using Metamask with testrpc

bunjeebunjee Member Posts: 5
Are you guys using Metamask and testrpc network?
Do you face problems like 'base fee exceeds gas limit' or other errors with the nonce and rpc payload?
If yes, is there a way to deal with these problems and somehow connect Metamask successfully with the network after getting these errors?

I am using truffle and I noticed that the errors start when I 'm changing my smart contract and migrate again. Then the connection with frontend and metamask is problematic and I have to either remove and install Metamask again or log out from my account and restore from seeds. But still I haven't figured out a way to make metamask form after changing the addresses of the deployed contracts..


  • lsankarlsankar Member Posts: 1
    Hi! The nonce issue with Metamask is nefarious and something I hope is clearer in future releases.

    When you deploy to a dev network (i.e. testrpc) multiple times, the latest nonce associated with each address resets even though Metamask's notion of the latest nonce for that address doesn't. The fix is to click to 'Settings' for the account in Metamask and then click 'Reset Account'. This will reset the account nonce to 0 (and hopefully obviate the need for re-installing Metamask every time!).

    Gas issues arise b/c you need to specify the gas usage from within the app (i.e. web3js) for any calls you're using. For example:

    Hope that helps!
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