Formal Introductions — Hello fellow blockchain enthusiasts.

Whatever my name implies, it's hardly that serious.

Hello EtherForums, pleasure to meet your acquaintance

I started to dive into the cryptocurrency world mid last year briefly, started building a simple budget gaming rig, went AMD route once Ryzen came out, then Ethereum prices soared and the $250 Sapphire Pulse Rx580 I got for mid level budget gaming, became later on a 31.7 Mh miner.

Here's a picture of my setup today.
I almost have PTSD at the times when the rig crapped out, or wouldn't boot, or not enough power, or fried psu due to over voltage, etc etc etc... Today she is stable and steady, temps below 55 across, My window is slight open and thanks to the weather I can cool the rig easily. 153 Mh Total between the cards.

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