[HIRING] Looking for an experienced Ethereum programmer

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We are looking for an experienced Ethereum programmer to help bring a litigation finance project on-chain. Ideally based in UK or Spain.

If interested please send private message.


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    Some additional background.

    We are developing a project related to the massive litigations in Spain and the funding of those.

    We have a solution to the current problem that is innovative and creates value for all the stakeholders involved in the process i.e. the customers, the lawyers and the financiers of the costs of the claims. Note that even though these claims have an average success rate of more than 95%, individuals do not claim in many cases because they do not have the money to pay the upfront costs (lawyers, notaries, independent experts, etc).

    We are currently in advanced stages of the development of the project: we have a management team with experience in the litigation industry in Spain and the business model we want to implement has already been validated by a software and legal content company with a global reputation - they want to invest in the project and commit resources.

    The business model we want to implement to improve the litigation industry does not really need blockchain to succeed, but we believe there is real merit in exploring its functionality in blockchain based on the following factors:

    1) The project shares the ideological premises that resulted in the inception of blockchain i.e. avoid the concentration of control / power in the ‘established’ financial institutions. The litigations we want to handle will mostly target the misconduct of these banks with the aim to stop their wrongdoing and also return some of the wealth they obtained in an illicit manner from their customers (as recorgnised by the Spanish Supreme Court) - all this in the spirit of promoting a society where the wealth is more fairly distributed.

    In this sense, we also believe that if we are able to operate outside of the banks’ area of action (as they are the main target of the claims we will handle) we will have an edge.

    2) We believe that a tokenised and decentralised liquidity pool owned by the token holders is a very suitable way to solve the problem of claim financing: customers can access the funds needed to pay the upfront costs of their claims while the token holders can benefit of the increasing value of the liquidity pool from the returns made by financing claims - as mentioned before these claims have an average success rate of over 95% and according to our business plan we believe we could guarantee an attractive return to the liquidity pool.

    We believe that if all these information and money flows were governed by Smart Contracts this would be a big plus to the project. And based on preliminary consultations we have learned that this is possible, but we haven’t found yet the person that can make this happen - here is where we need to find someone, a partner, that help us make this possible.

    If this sounds of interest and you would like to take part on this project we can give you more detail of the business model, strategy, competition analysis and also meet some of the key people involved.

    We are looking for a partner that is willing to stay in the long term. If we make things right this project can be big, and the remuneration of everyone involved will be in accordance to that. We trully believe in this project and how much value it can create for all the stakeholders, and we hope we can find the right person to make this possible also on-chain.

    As mentioned, it would be ideal that the new partner coming on board is based in the UK or Spain to make the interaction with the rest of the team easier.
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