Ethereum lite clients attacks

abbagarba1abbagarba1 Member Posts: 2
The purpose of light client is to allow users with low band width capacity such as smartphones, browser extensions, ipad etc. To verify that the transactions appear in a blockchain by viewing only header of the blocks without having access to full nodes or without downloading the entire blockchain.....
During a network split the attacker only connects you to the blocks he created in a separate network. As a result of this transactions will appear which will try to spend the
coin (Double-spending).
In this case, I would like to know how much mining power would an attacker need to convince an eclipsed lite client that they have a party when in fact they have not? Is there anyway they could
precompute this or embed transactions which do not execute into the main blockchain and then hide the fact that the transaction didn't have enough gas to execute?
I hope my point is clear. Thank you.
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