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Cryptolotto is a powered by Ethereum DApp (decentralized application). The backend code is running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network and is presented by 12 smart contracts and a front-end. Cryptolotto works autonomously and with no entity controlling the key functions. The Cryptolotto's data and records of operation are cryptographically stored in a public, decentralized Ethereum blockchain network.

The main idea of Cryptolotto is straightforward: people from all over the world contribute equal amounts of ETH to one wallet during the set period of time. When a timer ends, this smart-contract powered wallet automatically sends all received ETH to one randomly chosen wallet-participant.

How to play

  1. Use an Ethereum. To start playing, you should have one of these wallets: MetaMask, Ethereum Wallet, Parity Wallet or MyEtherWallet. Top up your wallet with enough amount of ETH first, before you start to play.
  2. Select your Game. 9 Games are running simultaneously. There are 3 Game types: Short, Long and Gold. Each type has 3 different game durations and entrance cost. Entering the same one game twice or more is allowed.
  3. Copy the wallet address. Be sure to send your funds to the right wallet address. Each game has its own unique address presented on the Home page as well as on our official Github page.
  4. Send your funds. Each game has its own price. To join the game, you need to send the right amount of ETH to the given address. If you get everything right, you will find your wallet address in the list of players.
  5. Wait for result. Join our Telegram channel to receive notifications about Jackpot winners. If you are the winner, then you will receive all the Jackpot amount back to your wallet immediately after the end of the game.

Explainer Video

Watch Cryptolotto explainer video


  • Play safely. You can join the game safely, even if there are no other players at the time. If by the end of the game no one joins besides you, you will automatically receive your ETH back to your wallet immediately.
  • Get results. Recieve instant notifications on your phone by joining our Telegram. Get useful information about a name of a game, jackpot amount in ETH and USD, timestamp, winner's wallet address and TX hash.
  • Works worldwide. Everyone it the world can play the Cryptolotto. There are no borders, limitations or special terms. To start playing, it’s enough to have an Internet access, an Ethereum wallet and ethers. Cryptolotto is not limited to only one country, doesn’t require a special citizenship and is free of any bureaucracy.
  • Play all games. In Cryptolotto you can participate in one game unlimited amount of times. Also, you can play in all games simultaneously. It increases chances to win, but remember this not guarantees a win because a winner is always picked randomly.
  • MetaMask supported. Play the game in one click by using MetaMask wallet. Having Chrome or Firefox browser and MetaMask makes the process of playing Cryptolotto even more simple and user friendly. No need to copy&paste addresses and ticket prices, just click one button and you will join the game right away!
  • Mobile devices supported. Cryptolotto supports Cipher Browser which gives ability to use DAaps on mobile phones. Download iOS or Android version of Cipher and play Cryptolotto on the go!

The algorithm of picking a winner

    function randomNumber(uint min, uint max) public constant returns (uint) {
        uint random = uint(keccak256(
            block.timestamp * 
            block.difficulty * 
            block.number *
            uint(block.blockhash(block.number - 1))
        ))%10 + 1;
        uint result = uint(keccak256(random))%(min+max)-min;
        if (result > max) {
            return max;
        if (result < min) {
            return min;
        return result;
Each wallet-participant gets ${uint _number} when he joins the game. Random number determination depends on current block timestamp, block difficulty, block number and previous block hash. We set determination between min and max values. Additional conditions, in case something goes wrong, are set to prevent contract from sending Jackpot to invalid address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow this link to found Cryptolotto FAQs.

Contact Support

If you have any questions please contact us via Telegram.

External Links

Website · Telegram · Github · Instagram · Facebook · Medium
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