problem with, new pool?

Wajahat620Wajahat620 Member Posts: 1
ive been mining with ethermine for almost a month now, my last restart was over a week ago so its been running for one week now.
my reported hashrate is around 250 MH/s but my average hashrate is around 205 MH/s, and my current effective hashrate jumps from 180-206 MH/s, i thought pools were suppose to take 1% not 15%.
So are there are any pools that are a little bit more stable.


  • rigproxyrigproxy Member Posts: 26
    Hi, you can try dwarfpool
    The stats are often broken or shows temporary cloudflare site down page but the mining servers are always up and works quite well.

    I also suggest you to optimize your connection to dwarfpool using our new service which is actually in closed beta test phase but will go in open beta within few hours.

    Contact me if you are interested.

  • kondratovich1kondratovich1 Member Posts: 18
    Allow me to invite you to our pool at

    Income fees 0.5%
    Withdrawals every 10 minutes for balances over 0.1 ETH
    Free telegram bot to monitor workers

    We can offer you special conditions (with hashrate over 1GH/s). Please, feel free to contact.
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